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Our primary aim here at Elmont Trading is to build profitable investment portfolios for our clients. Because every client is unique in terms of their financial situation and goals, we tailor our approach. Our clients range from high net worth individuals, to corporations all the way up to Institutions. As a result, we build bespoke portfolios to cater to the clients’ needs based on risk tolerance, financial goals and age. Where applicable we try to incorporate a conservative strategy by including value bonds and dividend-paying stocks within the clients’ portfolio. We believe that incorporating fixed income investments into ones portfolio, reduces their exposure to the speculative side of investing.

At Elmont Group, we have built a global network of bond dealers, providing our clients with direct access to numerous types of fixed income securities. Whether our clients are looking for Municipal Bonds, Treasury Securities, Corporate Bonds or Preferred Stocks, the Elmont Group Investment Managers have the experience, knowledge and access to competitive pricing which sets us apart from our competitors.

If you combine the stability and income of a strong bond portfolio with blue chip stocks, one can build a balanced investment portfolio to meet most financial goals. Our Research Department has access to numerous research platforms and they work round the clock to keep abreast of the ever changing market conditions. Our firm has invested a large amount of time, effort and capital into our research tools, second only to the people we employ. We take an active role in investment advice and provide a personal touch; which is another differentiating factor, from many firms who hire third party money managers for a fee and don’t venture an opinion without first obtaining approval from their board of directors.

Over the years, we have found that some of the best new investment ideas have come directly from our clients. We carry out extensive research on these ideas and help our clients make an informed investment decision. A successful investment strategy requires a collaborative effort between our investment Managers, research analysts and our clients.
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