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Elmont Group has built up a Business Continuity Plan concerning how we will react to occasions that significantly upset our business. Since the timing and effect of debacles and interruptions is flighty, we will be adaptable in reacting to real occasions as they happen. Considering that, we are giving you this data on our Business Continuity Plan. These designs are looked into every year and refreshed as essential.

We want to rapidly recoup and continue business tasks after a significant business interruption and react by defending our workers and property, making a financial and operational evaluation, ensuring the firm's books and records, and enabling our clients to execute business. To put it plainly, our Business Continuity Plan is intended to allow our firm to continue tasks as fast as could reasonably be expected, given the degree and seriousness of the significant business interruption.

Our Business Continuity Plan addresses: information go down and recuperation; all mission basic frameworks; financial and operational evaluations; elective interchanges with clients, workers, and controllers; exchange physical area of representatives; basic provider, temporary worker, bank and counter-party affect; administrative revealing; and guaranteeing our clients provoke access to their assets and securities if we can't proceed with our business.

Our clearing firm, Elmont Group, goes down our imperative records in a topographically isolate region. While each crisis circumstance postures novel issues in view of outer variables, for example, time of day and the seriousness of the interruption, our clearing firm has prompted us that its goal is to reestablish its own tasks and have the capacity to finish existing exchanges and acknowledge new exchanges and installments inside four hours. Your requests and demands for assets and securities could be deferred amid this period.

Significant business disruptions can vary from their range, like just our firm, a single building housing our firm, the business area where our firm is situated, the town where we're situated, or the entire area. Within all these regions, the seriousness of the disruption can also vary from minimal to severe. In a disruption to only our firm or even a building housing our firm we will move our operations to a local site if needed and expect to recuperate and resume/restart business in 1 business day. In a disruption affecting our business district, town, or area, we will move our operations toia site outside of the affected area, and recover and restart business within a business day. In either predicament we aim to continue in business, continue to the clearing up firm if essential or mandatory, and notify you via our web site, our customer emergency numbers, regarding how we can be reached. If the significant business disturbance is so intense that it prevents us from remaining in business, we will guarantee our customers' immediate access to their securities and funds.