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In an industry that is increasingly determined by automated coordination and execution services, Elmont Group is controlled by something more astute and recognizable - individuals. We apply our profound experience, expert knowledge and global reach to give our clients leverage in the ever-changing financial markets.

Established in 2013, Elmont Group represents considerable authority in the international stock trading markets. We offer an array of investment services across a multitude of different markets including Equity Trading, Equity Derivatives, Global Portfolio and ETF Trading, Fixed Income, Futures and Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Prime Brokerage, Outsource Trading, Electronic Trading and Investment Banking.

Our broker dealers are among the best in the industry. Our financial advisors have an average of 10 years’ experience in the financial sector, so our clients can leverage their expertise and aptitude to successfully source profitable investment opportunities and executes trades in an effective manner.

At Elmont Group, we work in conjunction with our clients in order to gain a better understanding of their current financial situation, as well as their goals and aspirations. We then structure an investment portfolio taking into consideration their goals, time frames and aversion to risk. Each client has a dedicated investment manager who works alongside them to meet their individual investment objectives.

Elmont Group is based in Asia, however our network of analysts and equity research specialists allows us to provide our clients with global investment opportunities. We are also able to execute trades of a wide range of markets around the world in a timely manner.
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